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The concept

Bergsfjord is surrounded by water and mountains, so forget about your car and jump onboard our boat instead. Within a short boat-ride from the lodge we have unlimited access to the mountains; we drive you to your designated area, and pick you up again when you are done skiing. We do have skiable terrain just outside the entrance door as well. When you are done for the day you could sit down in the outdoor hot-tub and enjoy a drink under the northern lights.

The lodge

Bergsfjord Lodge is a small and intimate lodge. The newly rebuilt house offers high standard with 3 bedrooms and accommodation for up to 8 people. 2 shared


Our style is an all inclusive, you bring your personal equipment and we will provide the rest. At the lodge you will eat and sleep good. Our menu is filled with local ingredients and maybe we find mussels while taking on skiboots?


Located in the Finnmark alps, we have a compact area full of mountains. You will find everything from easy beginner terrain to steep and technical skiing. ​There are almost no roads, and access is mostly made by boat.

Group size

The ideal group is 4 - 8people. 

We arrange stay for larger groups on request.

How to get there

Bergsfjord is located on a peninsula with no road-connection to the mainland, and access is only possible by boat.The closest airport is Alta. You go by car / bus / taxi to Øksfjord where you would take a ferry the last part to Bergsfjord. There is also a direct expressferry Alta- Bergsfjord 2 days a week (monday + wednesday) .






Please note: Your journey to/ from Bergsfjord is not included in our prices. We could help you find travel-information for this part, but we do not take any responsibility of your travel to the lodge.





See our booking page for more travel information.


The Finnmark alps offers a varied, and many places complex terrain and we strongly recommend a local skiguide to get the best experience.

What to bring

Bring what you need for your outdoor activities, we take care of the rest. 

Bedsheets and towels are included. 


We do not sell alcohol at Bergsfjord Lodge. Beer could be bought at the local grocery store, stronger drinks has to be bought in Alta.


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