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Bergsfjord Lodge was started with the desire to give visiting ski guests the optimal experience of the Finnmark Alps.

We believe that a ski trip includes more than just skiing, and our hosts will not only show you the mountains but also the Northern Norwegian culture in the remote village of Bergsfjord.


But the mountains are our greatest passion and with our local knowledge we know where to go to find the best skiing conditions, and the mountains that suit just you.

There are not many roads in Bergsfjord, apart from the mountains right outside the door, we use a boat as means of transport. With our sturdy aluminum boat, we have plenty of dock options and can start the trip by sea level.
The Finnmark Alps is a small area with many mountains. Here you can find everything from open flanks to steep and exposed terrain. The highest peaks are almost 1200 meters above sea level. With alpine terrain from sea level, there is exciting skiing terrain no matter how far you want to go.

We find suitable terrain no matter what level you are at, but the area is complex in places and you will get most out of the mountains with some previous experience.

We believe that local knowledge provides the best skiing experience and guiding is therefore always included.
Once down from the mountain, you will be well looked after by our hosts.
The hosts ensure that the lodge shows its best side, that the food comes to the table and is your link to the village.
The lodge is located in the middle of Bergsfjord, in what use to be the doctor's office.

The house has been completely renovated and maintains a high standard. Here you will find three bedrooms with a total of 8 beds, two bathrooms and an open living/kitchen-area. The house is designed for active people with good drying and storage solutions.


In Bergsfjord, the sea is right outside the door. The same is true of grazing areas for reindeer, and in summer there is an abundance of green wild growth. The only thing missing would be that you don't get a taste of the area you're visiting on your plate as well.

We harvest what we have around us and offer exciting flavors around the dinner table.


On the mountain we follow the norm of having maximum of 6 people per guide, and it is worth mentioning that the smaller the group, the more opportunities we have in the mountains.

We would like to give our guests the best possible skiing experience and therefore do not mix different small groups to become a large joint group on the mountain. Each group has its own guide unless otherwise agreed. See our booking pages for prices for different group sizes.

Groups of 5 or more get the lodge to themselves. 


Who are we?

Morten started Bergsfjord Lodge in 2017 with the desire to give visitors the best experience of the exciting mountain area in the far west of Finnmark. Skiing and boating have been common denominators throughout his life and in Bergsfjord he gets the both. Morten takes care of the boating to the mountains and the ski guiding. He is a certified skipper, certified skiguide and member of the Norwegian mountainguide association.


Mathilda is the boss in the house and in the kitchen and spends a lot of time finding new flavors that can be offered to our visitors. 

Mathilda is a trained nurse, so should something happen, you are in safe hands.

But in Bergsfjord, she prefers preventive care in the dining.

The journey

Bergsfjord is located on a peninsula with no road connection to the mainland. The nearest airport is Alta and by car/taxi/bus you get to Øksfjord, where you take the ferry the last bit to Bergsfjord. 2 days a week (Monday + Wednesday) there is a direct expressboat to/from Alta.

NB. Note that the expressboat (only passengers) and ferry (cars + passengers) leave from different quays in Øksfjord.


Note: Your journey to/from Bergsfjord is not included in our prices. We can be helpful with travel information but take no responsibility for the implementation.

For more information regarding travel days, see our booking page


What do you need to bring?

Bring ski equipment,

we will take care of the rest.

But hey, we have a sauna so remember your swimgear!


Bergsfjord lodgedoes not sell alcoholic beverages. Beer can be bought in the local shop in Bergsfjord, the nearest liquor store is in Alta.

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